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よりみち いち (Yorimichi I)


I was all alone going back to my room around midnight. The stars were bright and it was very, very cold. Almost Xmas, the winter coming and, for some reason, I wasn't mad being outside in such a weather. It was as if I could walk all night long, just enjoying the way, the lights, the fog and the cold wind.

There are some images that I want to care all my life and I want to tell you about them. They are my treasure, the real thing that keeps me walking day after day.

Five minute before, everybody was going back home, saying goodbye. That was the last time I saw some of them this year, but everybody were laughing, plying, joking and so on. I was very happy just for being there, sometimes understanding half, sometimes understanding more.

There are two things in life that we can not forsee: the bound with people and the last time you see a person. We can never know exactly the last time you see someone. Life has too many ways to happen and we can't prevent the last time of it. We can love, hate, cry and be happy, but sooner or later there will be the last time.

We can't also prevent the boundering with people. Even if we see someone just one time, sometimes the memories are too strong and we care the moment forever.

Everyone were saying goodbye arranged in a circle laughing and talking about the trains that remained that hour. In the begining the only boundring was the music, but as the days went by, I could see something different and amazing.

When I first entered that room I knew almost nothing about Jazz. But why go to a Jazz Club if you know nothing about Jazz? Well, I just wanted to hear some music and try to sing Bossa Nova. But the moment I entered that room I was driven away by a group of young musicians* playing a very good song and I just fell in love with Jazz.

In just one hour my life changed completely and I asked to myself how and why I spent 25 years without listening to Jazz.

I would like to know why do we have to go so far away to discover the most simple things, as listen to Jazz. I came back to my room, laid down, closed my eyes and felt my soul agreeing with my new love. From that moment on I started learning lots of things that I even imagined that someday I would have the oportunity to learn about music and the love for Jazz.

* If I can remember, the formation was Kakuta (piano), Yamada (bass), Osaki (drums), Koyo (trumpet) and someone else that I can't remember now... I can't remember the song either, but maybe was Caravan, you all played Caravan a lot that time.